C.P. Company
34 Marshall Street

Due to remote working our team are currently unable to service phone enquiries for online orders. Please email our customer services team and we will respond within one working day.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact our customer services department.


You can pay by GooglePay, ApplePay, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and PayPal.

All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rates and are correct at the time of entering the information onto the system. The total cost of the order is the price of the products ordered plus the delivery charge.

*Please note that we will be unable to change from a residential address to a business address once the order has been dispatched.

All credit/debit cardholders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of your payment card refuses to or does not for any reason authorise payment then we will notify you by email and not dispatch the order.

In assessing your request for goods or services, we may use your information for the purposes of the prevention and detection of fraud. One of the purposes for which we may disclose your address and postcode details is to check against the IMRG Security Alert or any other Fraud Prevention Scheme.

At all times where we disclose your information it will remain secure. If you believe your details are incorrect you may correct those details by following the procedure set out in our privacy policy.

Promotion or goodwill codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Please note you can only use one promotion code per transaction.



We aim to deliver within 3-5 working days approximately (Mon-Fri), orders placed after noon may take an extra days delivery. Please note, during busy periods, especially sale time, delivery may take between 5-7 days, however we do aim to get your purchase out sooner.

We deliver to all Mainland UK, Ireland and Channel Island addresses ONLY.

Delivery is £6.99 to Mainland UK and £12.99 to Ireland and the Channel Islands.

You can only specify a different delivery address from your billing address, if it is your place of work. Just fill in your office address details at the checkout when prompted.

You will be sent an email to confirm that we have dispatched your order. On this confirmation, we will include a DHL tracking code, which you can enter into http://www.dhl.co.uk to monitor its progress. If for some reason your dispatch confirmation does not include a tracking code please call customer service on +44 (0)20 7930 2427 with your order number and they will update you on the status of your order.



For your convenience, you can go to the Marshall Street store, excluding any concessions in department stores, with your returns. Please ensure that you take your completed dispatch note with you as your proof of purchase.

If you return goods via post, please use either Royal Mail Recorded Delivery (only if value is under £30) or a delivery service such as DHL. Items above £30 sent by Royal Mail must be sent via Special Delivery service or equivalent, as we are not liable for items lost in the post. Returned goods must be packaged securely as we do not accept responsibility for goods that are damaged in transit. Please do not select a special delivery option that will have the package arrive at our Marshall Street store before 10 am.

Upon receipt of your return we will inspect and deal with the return in conjunction with our Returns Policy. Any refunds will be made using the same method for the initial transaction. Please note that credit card companies only allow refunds to be made to the card used to pay for the original order. Please be aware that it can take as long as seven working days for a refund to be acknowledged by your credit card company. This returns policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Please return all parcels by registered mail in their original condition, to the address below, within 28 working days from receipt:

C.P. Company Returns
Alpi UK
Unit 6, Miles Gray Road
SS14 3HJ

Full details of the returns procedure will also be sent to you with your order.

You can cancel you order at any point before the order has been dispatched.

To enquire on the status of your order please contact us at: +44 (0)20 7930 2427.



Forgot your password?
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