HBU Held Opening Ceremony for 2019 Freshmen

     On the morning of August 30th, HBU's opening ceremonies for 2019 freshmen were respectively held in the sports center of the main campus and in the library square of the new campus. HBU leaders who attended the ceremony included Guo Jian, Kang Le, Wang Peiguang, Yang Lihai, Shen Shigang, Li Jinshan, Li Zhiyi, Chen Hongjun, Xu Jianmin, Ni Zhiyu, Meng Qingyu as well as directors from party and government departments and each college. 2019 freshmen as audiences comprised undergraduates, master students and doctoral students.

     President Kang Le gave freshmen the first lesson in the waves of warm applause. First of all, on behalf of HBU, he extended his heartfelt congratulations and enthusiastic welcome to the new students. Then president Kang underlined four points to encourage these students at young ages. The first is to learn good moral principles and cultivate perfect personalities. That means the students should consider patriotism as their deepest emotions and dedication to society as their basic values. Their pursuit of lofty spirit and faith in a better future will be like lights which illuminate the paths to their dreams. The second is to learn knowledge and enhance intelligence. That means students not only should develop their expertise but also must innovate with their knowledge. While making individual progress, they need to become the leaders and builders of the social development in the future. The third is to learn to improve practical abilities. Apart from reading books and learn from teachers, students should do more practices and study from society. The fourth is to learn to serve the motherland and shoulder the responsibility of the times. As the successors of the new era, students should concentrate on studying and be ready to devote themselves so that they can promote the development of our country and people through personal progress everyday.

   Other speakers included representatives of teachers, current students and new students. They were teacher Wang Shuowang from College of Education,  teacher Zhang Xiaowei from College of Journalism and Communication, 2016 student Liu Zhenying in history major of  College of History, 2017 master student Wang Yanbiao in cyberspace security major of College of Cyber Security and Computer, 2019 student Zheng Jianing in environmental science and engineering major of College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, and 2019 student Zhang Kun in law major of College of Politics and Law.

  Look up at the starry sky and keep both feet on the ground. May 2019 freshmen enjoy learning and have success in HBU!


Opening Ceremony for 2019


President Kang Le gave freshmen the first lesson

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