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Sports and fitness

Keeping active is an important part of student life

Whether you’re training for a gold medal or looking for a spin, dance or Pilates class, Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) offers programs and membership options to suit everyone.

Becoming a member of SUSF gives you access to more than 40 sporting clubs, 65 group classes, 220 cardio machines and plenty more.

Wind down with a yoga class, go rock climbing or swim a few laps in the 50-metre indoor heated swimming pool. Play squash, basketball or tennis on one of our many courts around campus.

If you prefer getting fit with friends, join an interfaculty or social competition. Compete against yourself in an outdoor boot camp class, or sign up for a short course in salsa or Korean pop dance.

Get more out of your time in the gym with a qualified personal trainer, available for everyone at any level of fitness.

We support our elite sportsmen and women in their academic and sporting pursuits through the Elite Athlete program.

Scholarships and benefits such as nutritional advice or discounted services from allied health professions are available to help you strive for excellence in sport and study.

To learn more about how you can get involved, follow SUSF on Facebook, visit the website or drop in to the University Sports & Aquatic Centre on the corner of Darlington Avenue and Codrington Street (a block behind the Wentworth Building).



  • University Sports & Aquatic Centre, Corner of Codrington Street and Darlington Avenue, Darlington NSW 2008


Bachelor of Arts student and NSW wicketkeeper and batsman
"The Elite Athlete Program helps me by offering flexible study arrangements around my sporting commitments.”
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