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2019 international PhD Academic Forum on Intelligent Manufacturing Call for Papers
Publisher:赵宇明  Time2019-10-21 View:10

I. Forum Topic

To promote the international exchange and cooperation of doctoral students in mechanical engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology, cultivate high-level and innovative talents, the School of Mechatronics Engineering of Harbin Institute of Technology will hold the2018 international PhD Academic Forum on Intelligent Manufacturing .

Intelligent manufacturing is increasingly becoming a major trend and core content of future manufacturing development, and has become a hot issue of concern to all countries in the world. This forum will provide a high-level academic exchange platform for doctoral students in the field of intelligent manufacturing, promote cross-disciplinary integration, strengthen the doctoral students’ communication in relevant universities and related fields in domestic and foreign country,  widen the students’ academic vision, inspire the students’ creative thinking, enhance the students’ mission and sense of responsibility .

.Time and place


PlaceHarbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China


HostsHarbin Institute of Technology

OrganizersInternational of Harbin Institute of Technology

School of Mechatronics Engineering of Harbin Institute of Technology

 .Draft Object

Doctoral students from world-renowned universities, institute and laboratory

 .Call for papers range

This forum essay includes but is not limited to the following topics

1.Robot technology

2.Modern design theory and method

3.Advanced manufacturing technology

4.Micro-nano manufacturing technology

5.Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing

6.  Industrial design


Dec.27  Check in

Dec.28  Sub-forum report

Dec.29  Check out


1. Paper submission deadline is October 20th, 2019. After expert review, the admission list will be confirmed by November 10th.Contributors are required to send the manuscript to hitsmephd@163.com before 5 pm on October 20th, Beijing time.

2. The content of the paper should conform to the forum themefocus on important frontier theoretical and practical issuesbe innovative and original,have accurate data, standard specification, written in English, the format is detailed in the attachment.

3. The number of positive characters in the manuscript is generally less than 6000 words,no more than 15 pages.Please include the author's name,affiliated school,education background,subject of the paper,contact details(including telephone and e-mail etc.) in the body of the email when submitting the manuscript,otherwise not be used.The format of the paper title is :author’s company +author’s name+thesis topic.

4. Published or unpublished papers can be submitted. The forum does not charge the authors and payment fees for the authors of the selected papers. The author will not receive the page fee, and needn’t pay for the selected paper.The forum will produce a collection of papers (CD-ROM)which is the exchange material,without formal issue. The authors can submit articles to academic journals.

5The author of the accepted article must present the paper, please prepare for 10-15 minutes ppt according to the papers you have submitted(2013 or above).English is spoken on the meeting.

6The submitted paper must be the scientific research result of the author. If there is academic misconduct, the consequences are at your own risk.

7Please offer the reading proof scan with the red official seal when submitting the paper.

 .Other related matters

1. No registration fee or conference materials fee.

2. Organizing committee will provide round trip transportation fee during the conference, that is the fee for hard seat, hard sleeper on the train,type II and below from the author’s school to Harbin in China. And will provide not more than 10000RMB/person for the international students from Europe and the United States , not more than 5000 RMB/person for the international students from Asia.

3. Organizing Committee will provide accommodation fees during conference. Two persons share one room. If one need a single room or extended stay, you should pay by yourself.Students are advised to purchase travel insurance as needed.

4. Organizing Committee will provide three meals a day during the conference, including buffet and welcome dinner.Students will be responsible for the meal expenses incurred during the stay.

5. Forum information will be published on the website : http://sme.hit.edu.cn


Organizing Committee  of 2019

international PhD Academic Forum

 on Intelligent Manufacturing


School of Mechatronics Engineering of

 Harbin Institute of Technology

Model of the paper.doc

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